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Claims Overview

Drawing on the experience of Gruppo Lercari, a distinguished name in the insurance and risk management sector for more than 140 years, Moltiply Claims Business Line is the benchmark for insurance claims handling. Led by industry experts, we have achieved a high level of quality and recognition by coordinating a network of highly specialized companies with different focuses. Our service suite is designed to improve the operational performance of insurance and reinsurance companies, as well as various stakeholders within the insurance distribution and risk management ecosystem.

Our Claims Business Line is a testament to the power of combining historical expertise with cutting-edge innovation. Specializing in Loss Adjusting Appraisals, Third Party Administration (TPA), motor claims, and a suite of innovative services, we redefine the standards for managing claims across the insurance ecosystem. By leveraging advanced technology and Gruppo Lercari's deep-rooted industry knowledge, we offer insurance and reinsurance companies a comprehensive array of modular, outsourced services designed to streamline risk management and claims processing.

This integration enables us to address the diverse needs of our clients, from handling routine claims efficiently to managing complex, high-stakes situations with precision and care. Our focus is on enhancing operational efficiency, reducing costs and response lead times. and improving customer satisfaction through a blend of traditional values and innovative approaches.

Service offering & IT platforms

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Loss Adjusting Appraisal

Loss adjusting represents the historical and strategic cornerstone of Gruppo Lercari’s business, synonymous with unparalleled excellence in insurance appraisal services. This area specializes in the end-to-end management of the insurance appraisal process, with a strong emphasis on Complex and Rare Claims, focusing on non motor third party lability claims, including Financial Lines, Special Risks like BBB, BI, CAR, EAR, Engineering, Construction, Machinery, Product Liability, Marine & Aviation, Cyber Risk, etc.). Moltiply has evolved beyond the traditional generalist appraiser model, adopting a both multidisciplinary and managerial approach that activates targeted teams composed of the finest professionals and skills for each assigned case.

The role of the appraiser is pivotal within the insurance industrial process. As the initial and often sole person to interact with the client when a claim occurs, the appraiser's work greatly affects the insurance policy in both customer satisfaction and company profitability. Continuous market evolution, accrued expertise, and the ability to mobilize the best appraisal competencies and practices are Moltiply key strategies for creating client value. Using state-of-the-art IT tools and engaging in dedicated structures and partnerships, Moltiply and Gruppo Lercari meet diverse client demands with modular, customized solutions, whether for Frequency, Complex/Rare, or Corporate claims managed globally.

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Outsourcing and TPA

Moltiply insurance expanded its range of activities beyond assessing the damage, as delegating risk management tasks that are not essential to external parties gives an edge over competitors by simplifying internal resource assignments to improve results, transform procedures, and concentrate on more valuable areas.

This specialized outsourcing has evolved into a globally scaled offering of Third Party Administration (TPA) services—end to end management of insured claims above and below deductible—as an alternative to traditional internal claims processing, and is becoming more popular in Property Damage segments and for certain customer groups. Moltiply provides TPA solutions through a specialized legal entity that caters to both local and global clients. This is where the collaboration between Gruppo Lercari's extensive expertise and Moltiply's technology-based approach to outsourcing services becomes especially valuable.

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A recent extension to Moltiply offering, through the Lercari Motor subsidiary, Motor TPA and Appraisal services offer the opportunity to redesign and modernize outdated processes, leveraging digital technology. Drawing on its extensive experience, Lercari Motor seeks to be a premier partner in automotive risk management, offering targeted, adaptable solutions to navigate the most challenging aspects of value creation.

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Innovative Services

Innovative Services at Lercari leverages technological enablers (like mobile apps, video appraisal, cyber risk assessments, proprietary software, and ESG-oriented catastrophic risk calculation models) to pioneer Insurtech and change management. With initiatives like the Div. Academy for insurance training, services addressing Electrical Phenomenon, specific repair processes, and Forensic Engineering, Moltiply and Lercari set new standards for innovation in insurance services.

These innovative solutions, grounded in open innovation and significant investment in high-value post-sales services, showcase Lercari's commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in insurance claims management. By providing cutting-edge, specialized services, Moltiply meets the evolving needs of the insurance market, ensuring clients not only achieve cost reduction and staffing flexibility but also gain from the synergy between technology and professional expertise in process efficiency and action effectiveness.




Moltiply has created Next STEP, a multipurpose platform able to respond to different needs: it manages both simple and complex claims for property damages and third-party liabilities, it covers the end-to-end process for TPA activity and manages contractual and administrative relationships with the network of experts, liquidators and specialists (e.g., doctors, forensic experts). Next STEP architecture is based on a core module and many bolt-on extensions, designed to improve both efficiency and transparency: business-side (e.g. video-assessments), operational (e.g. double data entry, claim tracking), billing and compliance (e.g. visibility cones applied to specific data field, environment impact thanks to full digitalization and paperless philosophy).

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