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Real Estate Overview

Moltiply is an all-in-one solution that covers the whole process of managing a real estate asset, from assessing its value as collateral to overseeing its property management according to ESG standards. The approach to real estate asset varies depending on the business situation, relying on technical skills in residential, corporate and leasing real estate valuation, debt recovery, market analysis, due diligence and audit. Technology is crucial not only for improving efficiency and data quality, but also to leverage our proprietary database on real estate assets with AI-based solutions that can enhance the advanced models for ESG and risk factors.

As a top-tier provider in Italy's real estate domain, Moltiply's Real Estate Business Line offers, with a dedicated subsidiary, comprehensive services related to real estate credit, including property appraisals, NPL management, and real estate investment management. Our extensive array of services caters to the entire lifecycle of real estate assets, ensuring robust support for our clients.

Our approach is data-driven, underpinned by a significant repository of data accumulated over years from primary sources such as our valuations, market data, and public records like cadastral extracts. This wealth of data is not only a cornerstone of our existing offerings but also a foundation for developing new, customized services and AI-based products, enhancing our ability to meet specific client needs with precision and innovation.

We have a strong track record based on our extensive experience in residential and corporate real estate valuations for leading lenders and NPL services in Italy, along with an effective network of appraisers and proprietary technology. Our internal Academy also ensures that we follow regulatory standards and manage credit supervision, monitoring, and ESG-related risk impacts in a proactive way.

Service offering & IT platforms

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Appraisal & Technical Advisory

Our network consists of over 500 certified experts (appraisers, architects, engineers) who specialize in properties evaluation. A network-based organization can deliver outstanding results in terms of service (geographical coverage, quick valuation time, comprehensive appraisals) if it is paired with a smart central control hub that is responsible for quality, customer approach and SLAs controls. Moltiply Real Estate Network is centrally supervised to ensure the best customer experience for key people involved. The central management handles appointments agenda for activities and fast track requests, dossier formatting with specific sections required by regulatory needs or business practice (e.g., energy certifications, ESG risk factors), data quality control and SLA monitoring, which provide Moltiply customers with a top-notch properties’ evaluation service. The Technical Advisory team provides the market value of a real estate asset for non-banking purposes, such as IFRS accounting, NAV updates or remarketing efforts for funds, or extra real estate assets valuations for wealth managers.

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NPL & Agency

The NPL Real Estate team at Moltiply NPL provides assistance in handling all the "special events" (UTP, NPL) of assets secured by property. The assistance includes expert advice in portfolio management, from consulting services (inc. due diligence, data room preparation and business plan creation) to advanced data management (data extraction, correction and enhancement), from asset auction to legal procedures. The Agency team specializes in offering a personalized service to clients who want to assess an asset and increase its inherent value using their expertise in areas such as energy efficiency and the latest developments in environmentally friendly materials.

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Audit and Proptech

Moltiply implements a smart-audit-based approach to manage Italian government incentives for ESG projects, aiming to minimize fraud risks. Our methodology incorporates best audit practices, enabling lenders to collect the most pertinent documents adhering to the regulations of tax credits and incentives. Our dedicated front-end team aids both final customers and bank branches in navigating the ever-evolving requirements for document submission and provides specialized consultancy for ESG initiatives. To reinforce document verification and anti-fraud measures, we employ drone technology and conduct periodic on-site appraisals. Our bespoke ESG tool, seamlessly integrated with both public and private databases and consistently refined to align with regulatory guidelines and real estate best practices, delivers valuable insights into potential risks and the expected benefits of energy efficiency improvements. This service offering represents Moltiply's commitment to advancing sustainable real estate management and investment.

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Cadastral Services

Europa is a subsidiary of Moltiply and the leading provider of cadastral services for real estate business information in Italy. Europa has over 30 years of market experience and handles around 100.000 cadastral documents and notarial deeds per year. Europa offers specialized services that cover the entire value chain of the real estate asset class, providing business, property and judicial information, which are essential for any strategic decision of a secured portfolio management. From position onboarding to active portfolio monitoring, Europa supports NPL management processes by providing data and report on mortgages, cadasters and registries.

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VIEW, our innovative platform for real estate assessment, is powered by a cutting-edge proprietary technology that can optimize the valuation activities within lending processes. Appraiser real-time monitoring and advanced video and data management tools ensure that banks meet the strict SLA requirements without compromising the quality of the valuation report. Built-in modules can offer unique benefits to lenders in terms of efficiency, data quality, analytics and market trends.Tailored customer-oriented tools can help banks to enhance their personalized approach based on value-added services: the valuation report with smart tips on energy efficiency, the tool for the social-risk analysis of the residential area or the ESG-based risk assessment have a clear differentiation impact, as well as the fully digital concierge service dedicated to collecting documents on behalf of clients.

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Moltiply Real Estate research team developed a unique approach to ESG regulations in 2018. It began with a dedicated workflow tool for ESG information, which could provide a ready-made solution to data staging until the legacy release was available. The system then grew into a modular ecosystem that could offer ESG specific tools. One of them is the ESG risk-based proprietary open scoring, which was created with the aim of offering an evaluation tool that could import data from multiple sources, both public database/documents and proprietary data set, and constantly update with any new risk information available. Another example is the AI-based APE (energy certification) tool, which is a ready-made tool for data remediation for collateral management.

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WIRA is an exclusive platform that can provide advanced reporting to Real Estate Business info-providers who offer Secured asset-based collateral analysis for banks, servicers and real estate agencies. The information that WIRA provides is strategic for both underwriting process and NPL servicing activities. WIRA platform has a direct and unique connection to several government registries (from Agenzia Entrate, to Land registries to Cadataster) and it is based on a multi- layer middleware that starts with data quality with double checks and cross checks to data validation with credit underwriters’ involvement. A fully customizable layer of front-end, formatting and data transmissions triggers are available to offer maximum flexibility.

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Remote loan sales and packaging and mortgage underwriting and closing services; notary support services.


Complete operational service solutions and technology platforms to investment and asset management companies.


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Application processing and portfolio management services for salary/pension guaranteed loans, and for business loans to companies, also assisted by a guarantee from the State.