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Mortgages Overview

Moltiply is a leader in outsourcing services and technological solutions in the mortgage sector. With proprietary platforms and a highly qualified team, we deliver high-value services efficiently, supporting our clients throughout the entire mortgage lifecycle.

The origination and management of real estate mortgages is an example of a set of complex processes that involve multiple parties—beyond just the client and the bank—including notaries, appraisers, and intermediaries. Moltiply’s approach is based on redesigning these processes to simplify activities, reduce duplications and introduce automation, all aimed at minimizing timeframes and errors.

Moltiply's powerful and modular technology platforms integrate with existing legacy systems and provide direction to the actors involved. Moltiply's platforms enable an industrial process that enhances resource productivity and offers personalized services to our clients

When entrusted to our operational platform, Moltiply's control and incentive systems are designed to ensure utmost adherence to and alignment with our client institutions' quantitative and qualitative objectives: service levels, lead times, conversion rates, processed volumes, compliance, and adherence to credit policies.

Thanks to Moltiply's specialized systems and resources, banks can introduce different (including premium) service models targeted at customer segments, distribution channels, and geographical areas, enabling them to navigate the mortgage process with unparalleled efficiency and strategic agility.

Service offering & IT platforms

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Commercial Services

At Moltiply, we know that offering a mortgage is more than just a business transaction; it involves a thorough knowledge of the bank's credit policies to tailor mortgage requests that satisfy both the bank and the borrower. Our specialized remote sales force supports borrowers and the complex mortgage origination process, making sure that all required documentation for underwriting is carefully collected.

Designed for both direct banks aiming to bypass traditional branches (or just giving customers and alternative channel) and conventional banks seeking to empower their non-specialized sales networks (like financial advisors and insurance agents), our service enables these professionals to offer mortgages confidently. Our sales force can also act as an extension to branches, efficiently pre-qualifying leads from online platforms, ensuring branches focus on high-potential prospects.

Critical to our service's success is its regulatory compliance, facilitated through a dedicated regulated legal entity staffed with trained professionals.

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Underwriting services

Our Centro Eccellenza Istruttorie (CEI) sets the standard for mortgage process optimization, aligning perfectly with financial institutions' credit policies. Banks can rely on our support for specific phases or the entire process, according to their needs.

Income Analysis: In support of the bank, our experts pre-assess borrowers' ability to sustain loan payments over time based on income and asset documents, Credit Bureau findings, and the bank's credit scoring engines. We also provide in-depth operational risk assessments, with a focus on fraud prevention.

Collateral Analysis: We evaluate the acceptability of the property to be used as loan collateral, both from a commercial value and legal standpoint, by requesting and verifying the notarial report, and assessing the bank's ability to effectively put a lien on the assets.

Closing: Moltiply handles the closing process, working with all parties and preparing needed legal documents for a compliant and smooth closing. This step avoids delays and ensures legal accuracy.

Post-Closing Document Management: After closing, we quickly collect documents, secure them and integrate them into the bank's systems. This starts loan servicing, finishing the mortgage underwriting cycle with efficiency and security.



A mortgage loan lasts a long time, often many years, and has many events that need careful attention. Our servicing support extends beyond mere payment processing. We handle a wide array of post-sale services that are integral to the dynamic life of a mortgage loan. This includes managing changes in mortgage conditions (such as debt transfers, discharges, and lien releases), cancellations or denials, early settlements, refinancing, moratoriums, suspension of amortization plans, and adjustments in borrowers' personal information. Additionally, we facilitate bank transfers and reconciliations, as well as lien renewals, ensuring that every aspect of loan servicing is covered comprehensively.

Our focus predominantly lies on performing loans, where our goal is to prevent issues before they arise through diligent management and oversight. However, we are also well-prepared to support situations where loans become non-performing. In such cases, our approach shifts to include specialized strategies aimed at mitigating losses and exploring viable paths to loan recovery, always working closely with clients to find solutions that align with their circumstances and financial goals.




Our CEI platform is the result of more than 20 years of underwriting process optimization. At the core of Moltiply's technological advantage is a powerful workflow engine that increases resource productivity and tailors’ services to the specific needs of financial institutions. This engine supports and, where possible, automates the checks to be performed, facilitates digital document management, automates communications (e-mail, fax, SMS) with stakeholders, and ensures that credit processes comply with bank criteria. It provides uniform credit processing, integrates external controls (credit bureaus, public databases), and supports remote interactions, offering real-time visibility and traceability of the entire instructional process. CEI/XTRANET allows "native" control of the timelines and service levels of different processing stages, giving the tools to operators and managers, internal and external, to monitor and comply with them.

The platform's design prioritizes operational flexibility, allowing for rapid customization to meet client requirements, ensuring predictable and repeatable service quality and efficiency. This, coupled with the platform's capacity for easy integration of new technologies and best practices, positions Moltiply as a leader in delivering advanced and customer-centric mortgage solutions.




MELO, a re-engineered evolution of Moltiply's CEI/XTRANET, is a groundbreaking step into the realm of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, embodying decades of operational and technological prowess. With its cloud-ready architecture and the use of cutting-edge technologies, MELO is designed to operate both within and beyond Moltiply's traditional outsourcing framework, offering unparalleled flexibility to banks.

As a standalone platform, MELO enables financial institutions to adopt a cutting-edge tool for mortgage origination and management without the necessity of engaging in full-scale outsourcing services. This innovation is particularly suited for banks in the process of modernizing their core systems towards more open, digital, and flexible infrastructures, providing them with a key resource for navigating the digital transformation landscape. Melo convers the whole process, from distribution to disbursement.

MELO's integration capabilities make it an ideal addition to the digital banking ecosystem, facilitating seamless transitions and enhancing operational efficiencies. Its introduction marks Moltiply's commitment to supporting banks through their digital evolution, offering a sophisticated yet user-friendly platform tailored for the future of banking.




PIGNA, powered by Moltiply, revolutionizes mortgage documentation exchange and sharing processes between banks and notaries, enabling secure and efficient, natively digital management of pre- and post-signing documentation. The platform’s workflow engine divides the mortgage process into key phases, enhancing document traceability and supporting real-time communication among all stakeholders. PIGNA simplifies digital document management, automates communications and streamlines checks, significantly improving process efficiency and visibility for both banks and notaries.

Adopted by major commercial banks, PIGNA is now a market-standard solution, integral to over 60% of Italy’s mortgage contracts. This widespread adoption underscores Moltiply’s leadership in delivering innovative solutions that set new industry benchmarks, showcasing PIGNA as a prime example of digital transformation in mortgage origination.




It’s the one stop shop for a smart full digital onboarding, from remote identification to information management. IDOS allows users to enjoy the advantages of remote channels without compromising the security: a tailored offering can be created in seconds, ready to be signed with a digital signature. The user has access to his personal dashboard to complete as well as to track any application along the process.

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Application processing and portfolio management services for salary/pension guaranteed loans, and for business loans to companies, also assisted by a guarantee from the State.


Complete operational service solutions and technology platforms to investment and asset management companies.

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Real estate appraisal services and technical real estate services for operators in the financial sector and debt collection.


BPO services and IT core solutions for leasing and long-term rental operators.


Management and claim settlement outsourcing services.