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Moltiply is one the main Italian players in the provision of complex BPO and IT services for the financial sector.

Moltiply provides outsourcing and IT services for financial institutions operating on the Italian market, offering a complete coverage of product lifecycle in specific verticals to ensure, over time, the best cost structure and unparalleled quality.

Moltiply serves customers who are looking for efficiency and operational risk control, by implementing an industrial-like approach to maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of activities and services.

Leveraging a unique combination of operational specialists, paired up with IT platforms developed thanks to deep experience gained in the financial services field and significant internal IT skills, Moltiply helps to guarantee the highest quality and the maximum transparency in terms of tracking, KPIs and reporting.

Moltiply serves customers who are looking for tailor made solutions. Leveraging the strategic position and experience in the forefront of the Italian BPO market, Moltiply strives to continuously improve its offering, by providing a wide range of value added services and digital solutions offered through an ecosystem modular architecture.


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Our specialized remote sales force aids banks in online mortgage origination, and can enhance branch and intermediary network sales efforts with dedicated support/qualification solutions.


Moltiply's specialized credit analysts streamline document analysis, income verification, and anti-fraud checks, coordinating smoothly with notaries, appraisers and the bank credit officers. We smooth contract drafting and mortgage closing.


Experienced account managers at Moltiply ensure current accounts are serviced efficiently throughout the life of the loans, with proactive collections and delinquency management.


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We provide comprehensive intermediary network support, facilitating seamless loan distribution processes for our partners. We can provide a regulated remote sales force for online origination.


Both in retail and SME loans, our credit experts conduct thorough document and financial analysis and bolster anti-fraud measures. We coordinate with and guarantee providers (insurance companies, public entities like FCG and SACE) to ensure closing support with precision.


Collections, Claims, Portfolio analysis, current account servicing and portfolio internalizations Moltiply’s portfolio and credit management teams work diligently to the service current accounts, proactively manage delinquency, manage timely guarantees and claims. We are also a primary servicer or subservicer for multiple securitized portfolios.

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Moltiply can supports financial advisors with sophisticated CRM and account aggregation tools, optimizing wealth management services.


Our platform manages middle and back office operations to allows seamless fund and insurance subscriptions, and wealth management solutions, supported by robust anti-money laundering compliance specialists.


Moltiply's wealth management services include position keeping, executing portfolio rebalancing, comprehensive regulatory and tax reporting, strategic handling of divesting and withdrawal processes. We manage corporate actions and oversee all aspects of fund administration, including estate management with the ensuing legal obligations.



Real Estate

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Moltiply aids individuals and condominium associations in evaluating and executing ESG improvement projects. We guide them through funding options, including loans, tax credits, and incentives, and connect them with trusted professionals and operators.


Moltiply's real estate appraisal and technical analysis experts deliver accurate and insightful evaluations for both residential and corporate properties and loan collaterals. We work for lenders and investors in the secondary market.


Moltiply supports banks and NPL servicers with legal procedure assistance, data analysis, collateral file document completion, automated collateral valuation updates, and ESG collateral portfolio profiling, ensuring comprehensive asset management and compliance.

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Moltiply offers a full-core legacy platform, a market leader for the entire lifecycle of leasing products, with web-based front end and CRM integration.


We cater to both leasing companies and long-term rentals, drawing on over 30 years of operational excellence. Our expert team handles asset purchase and registration, contract finalization, and specialized processing with efficiency, leveraging deep industry insights. Our core IT platform covers leasing underwriting and closing processes,


At the core of our expertise, portfolio management activities cover both the credit and asset side. We are deeply specialized in automotive assets where we can provide full administrative and tax support, including anti-fraud monitoring. As a primary servicer for multiple leasing portfolios, Moltiply excels in account servicing, portfolio management, and optimization, ensuring our partners achieve operational excellence and compliance.


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Moltiply can support direct insurance that want to extend online distribution beyond motor sector, providing IT platforms for lead generation and CRM tools.


We can provide expert back office support in the underwriting and closing phase for complex corporate and commercial policies.


Leveraging over 140 years of combined experience, Moltiply delivers sector-wide expertise in comprehensive loss adjusting across Motor, Marine, Aviation, and Electrical Damages, including direct repair services. Our TPA services redefine non-core activity outsourcing, enhancing operational performance and innovation, with a steadfast commitment to neutrality and independence in claims handling.


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Showcasing Moltiply's significant footprint in financial landscape through our extensive network of clients, innovative talent, and operational excellence.



Financial Institutions partnered with us, highlighting our trusted expertise.



Innovation Engineers and Data Scientists driving our cutting-edge solutions.



Complex financial products processed yearly, demonstrating our operational capacity.



Financial consultants and agents supported in their daily offerings, expanding their reach and success.